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Nick Trichilo – PGA of Canada Class A Director of Instruction

Nick Trichilo has more than 18 years of experience in teaching and coaching. He is currently the Head Coach of the Humber Hawks Golf Team (the most successful varsity team in Canada) and is the 2017 OCAA Coach of the Year. Nick is recognized as one of the top instructors in Canada and his passion for golf has afforded him the opportunity to develop coaching relationships with some of the best athletes in the country. His certifications in all facets of the game (Coaching levels, biomechanics, mental, motor skill learning) has enabled him to help his athletes improve at an impressive rate.


James Boyce – PGA of Canada Class A

'I believe sound fundamentals are essential. A crack in your foundation and the building will crumble. No matter what shot you play, getting into a solid set up is your starting point for hitting the ball where you want it to go. As an instructor I cater to work towards your individual goals, covering every facet of the game, which is essential in becoming a well rounded golfer. My aim is to provide with clarity, an understanding of your next step towards improvement, and achieving your full potential.'


Mike Marshall - Associate Professional

'Teaching has always been a passion of mine. Seeing improvements over a period of time is very gratifying for me. Fundamentals for building a repeatable golf swing starts from the ground up with a solid structure.  Having a background in Kinesiology and Biomechanics it allows me to incorporate the way the body moves and the technical aspect of the golf swing. This allows me to set realistic goals for my students and have them achieve these goals successfully.'


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9807 Regional Road 25 Halton Hills, ON, L9T 2X7, Canada T 905-876-3666 F 905-876-0496